Graduation and Professor of Thrones- November 2017 Update

I hope the fall has been treating you all well. I want to tackle the elephant in the room right away before diving into anything else. Yes, I haven’t posted on this site for roughly four months. A combination of having an immensely busy final semester schedule (that’s right, I’m graduating in December) and temporarily losing access to this site altogether has prevented me from sharing the amount of content I would have liked.

In the time since my last post, I started and grew a semi-successful YouTube channel by the name of Professor of Thrones. This goal of this channel is to explain the genius of George R.R. Martin’s masterwork, A Song of Ice and Fire, to those only familiar with the bogged down, memeified community around the show, Game of Thrones.

This mission has been somewhat successful; I’ve reached over 700 subscribers and nearly 275k views on my most popular video, The Golden Company Explained. In the burst of inspiration surrounding this popularity spike, I expanded the channel to cover RWBY, another fantasy series near and dear to my heart.

Starting with posting all of my Professor of Thrones videos, I hope to initiate a soft relaunch of sorts for this site. With my impending graduation, I aim to post more gonzo journalism, analytical content, and general updates about my life and my fiction writing. I hope you enjoy the articles and videos to come as much as I have (and will) enjoy crafting them.


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